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04 – Power is Peaceful. Protest is Powerful


Power is peaceful. Protest is powerful

This wasn’t my first time being threatened by police or physically harmed, as a community member. But this was the first time I felt I wasn’t alone, surrounded by people just as angry and hurt as I was. People locked arm in arm, refusing to back down, to the police! I got up close to a group of officers and took a couple shots, then joined the action. Marching, face masks on, signs in hand, we ended up in front of the confederate monuments at the state capital. Protestors dancing, and yelling excitedly, rejoicing at the mere thought of change. Then just like that, officers were shooting at us! People were running, scrambling to get away, as the police became closer and closer, guns drawn and ready.

I backed up and took a side street towards safety. When an officer appeared out of nowhere, looked directly at me, and pulled his trigger.

“We can not be sure of having something to live for, unless we are willing to die for it”

“Through understanding we coexist peacefully to become united in a way that supports humanity, rather than destroying it.”


Above -“A revolution is a struggle between the future and the past” Below – “White silence is violence” Raleigh, NC

I was suffocating in tear gas. A bystander grabbed me and began flushing my eyes. I said a prayer and attempted to breathe, as every part of me was under attack and I felt suddenly all alone.

I managed to get away from officers and the tear gas that seemed to follow me, while calling my ride to come get me. This wasn’t over, it was far from over.

I feel blessed to be alive, grateful to be part of a community that stood up and fought back, but scared at the thought of how many more people would be murdered at the hands of the people that are paid to protect us. NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE. – Nic Rey

Below left -“Everyone needs a revolution but by the blood of others.” Raleigh, NC Below right -“A revolution is a struggle between the future and the past.” Raleigh, NC

“It is our collective and individual responsibility to preserve and tend to the world in which we all live.” – Dalai Lama, Raleigh, NC

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