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Southern States Outlaw Syringe Exchanges Used to Prevent Disease | Alternet

This is an old article that discusses the difficult political landscape/ environment here in the south.  I have been running an underground syringe access, overdose prevention, harm reduction education  program in the Greater Greensboro Area for the last 8 years.  We have limited funding but we do our best to get people who are usually not connected to services access to education, sterile supplies and advocacy opportunities.  One of the reasons drug user services designed for people who are not abstinent and for whatever reason cannot or will not stop using, is they are the individuals at the highest risk for disease, death, and other negative outcomes. People that die while stuck in the negative cycles of chaotic drug use can never find any kind of Recovery! Urban Survivors Union is a union of former and active drug users who have chapters across the US, dedicated to improving the lives for their brothers and sisters negatively affected by the “War on Drugs”.  They welcomed NC Syringe Access to their family last year, so now we are NC Urban Survivors’ Union!  Being involved in with a national group helps us feel connected with other groups providing similar services and advocating for similar policies.  This way we don’t have to reinvent the wheel and waste time trying to figure out what works!  They have been utilizing a peer model for syringe access for  over a decade now and going strong! If you use drugs and need services please reach out to Greensboro, NC Urban Survivor’s Union.

CONTACT:  336-669-5543

We provide free naloxone, health education trainings, safer drug use information and tools, abstinence alternatives, and moderation management.

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