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Pay $$ to support domestic violence!!

The pay-per-view event Mayweather vs. Pacquioa cost its viewers around $100 to watch.   Mayweather is making over 30 million dollars…. So the boxing fans paid the 100 dollars, bought their beer, had their friends over , waited and watched to see if Mayweather would win again.  People took their sides.  Some bet on Pacquioa, most of the people who did this were people that dislike Mayweather and his cocky egotistical personality.  Huge bets were cast in Hollywood 250,000.00  Mark Whalberg, 1.6 million 50cent, 250,000 P. Diddy, Justin Beiber, Liem Neeson.etc. etc.  All this money ….. !!!!  So, whats the problem?  Well.  

FIRST:  Floyd Mayweather is a convicted domestic abuser.  He was quoted as saying “The NFL overreacted in permanently suspending RAY RICE there is a lot worse things that go on in people’s homes they just are not caught on video tape. Even though the man went to jail in 2010 for abusing his baby’s mother and threatening his own children he says:  “There are no pictures, just allegations ”

I am a woman who believes in second chances.  Hell, I have needed my share of second, third, fourth, chances but he is not a man who needsa second chance.   He does not own his shit hell he does not even lie and say he wants to change.  He just rudely says:  There are no pictures, just allegations.  

Well I am a woman who has been abused.  I am a survivor of domestic assault of the worst kind.  I have been beaten, raped, held hostage, and forced to live in a terrified state at the mercy of a lunatic.  (More than 1 lunatic…it seems once you go through this type of thing one time you are far more likely to somehow unconsciously seek out the kind of man who engages in this fucked up behavior.  Now all that being said, I am not just a victim.  I made a lot of decisions over the years that exacerbated my situations.  I am truly offended at how our society pays lip service to having no tolerance for domestic abuse but will make a superstar out of a disgusting man who has no business being a sports role model.

Its not up to the boxing officials (although it would be nice if they took action to permantly suspend him) it is up to us.  It is up to us as consumers to pay attention to who we support, who we fund, who we look up to, who we choose as leaders…..

Its not just a boxing match.  It’s so much more.  it sends a message to every

women in America that we are not important.  Our safety is not important.  No wonder 1 in 4 women are abused in their lives.   WOMEN’S LIVES MATTER!



1.The first documented claim of domestic violence occurred in 2001. After Mayweather and Melissa Brim, the mother of his daughter Ayanna, got into an argument over child support, according to court documents, Mayweatherswung open a car door that slammed her in the head, then he punched her three times in the face, leaving “fresh bruises.” Brim called the police from a convenience store.

2.according to a lawsuit that Brim later filed, Brim and Mayweather were at a mall together with their daughter when Mayweather, after asking a friend to hold Ayanna, punched Brim in the neck. Brim dropped the lawsuit, but Mayweather would plead guilty to two counts of domestic battery against Brim, for which he would receive a suspended six-month jail sentence, a $3,000 fine, 48 hours of community service, and two days of house arrest.

3.  Mayweather has been accused of seven separate assaults against five different women that led to citation or arrest.1

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