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Nan Goldin | Limited Edition | “1st days in quarantine, Brooklyn, NY,” 2020

Nan Goldin Charity Edition

***SOLD OUT***

At this difficult time, we wanted to share details of a specially editioned photograph from Nan Goldin, 1st days in quarantine, Brooklyn, NY, 2020. 100% of the profits* from the sales of this edition will go to an organization that the artist and her group, PAIN, works with, Urban Survivors Union. (This link opens in a new tab).. Founded in 2010, USU is a national organization whose headquarters are located in North Carolina. They are owned and operated by people directly impacted by America’s Drug War. They provide harm reduction services to people who use drugs in direct response to the health hazards generated by drug policy. The work USU is doing is of particular importance now as many opioid users are of increased risk of covid-19 infection due to having compromised immune systems. 1st days in quarantine, Brooklyn, NY was photographed from within Goldin’s New York apartment, to which she has been confined for more than a month due to the global pandemic. These blossoms are the last flowers that Goldin was able to purchase to fill her home. Outside is the world that has changed so dramatically so quickly, and is no longer accessible to her. Funds from this sale allow USU to purchase a Mass Spectrometer, which is a drug testing machine to help consumers of ‘street drugs’ better navigate an increasingly dangerous synthetic drug supply and stay alive. Drug Checking is innovative and currently the only primary prevention tool for reducing overdose death. This machine is of particular importance during the COVID-19 pandemic due to market instability caused by the crisis, leading to an increasingly lethal drug supply. Because we provide services to directly impacted people, your purchase will immediately save lives. — Urban Survivors Union

1st days in quarantine, Brooklyn, NY, 2020 6 x 8 in. (15.24 x 20.32 cm) Inkjet print Edition of 150 Signed and numbered $250 plus tax and shipping

Flat rate shipping charges will be applied: $8 for orders within the US $15 for orders outside of the US

Limit of 2 per customer. The 150 prints of this special charity edition will be allocated in sequence of sales. Production and shipping will commence once non-essential businesses reopen in New York. The edition will be available through June 1, 2020, unless sold out beforehand.

*defined as retail price less printing cost (approximately $35)

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