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Naloxone NOW!

Naloxone Required……It’s past time for rehabs to understand and get on board.



Some people call it The law of attraction,  The law of attraction states that every positive or negative event that happens with you was attracted by you. I had a professor that did all sorts of research about bicycle safety.  He was run over by a car and almost paralyzed.  I thought it was ironic when it happened but hey, that is the way life is right?  Then,  I heard about a woman who ran a sex trafficking organization, her daughter was kidnapped and trafficked?  Is this just another irony of life?  Now me, who works in overdose prevention and naloxone distribution, and my daughter dies of an overdose in a drug rehab?????  It does not feel like irony, it feels maddening.  It feels GOD DAMN awful.  I have never cried like this, I have never felt so absolutely unable to go on.  It feels hollow and endless.  I am not able to catch my breath or find any balance.  I have tried to teach treatment centers and they are almost always unwilling to listen because they fear it muddies their message.  I can’t even bear to think about how ridiculous this is.  These treatment centers have about a 5% success rate yet they are worried I might do something to muddy their message….I would say their message is already a fucking mess.  Who knows why this happened, all I know is it should not have happened.


My daughter and I had a special relationship.  We were close.  It was just us and her grandma.  We raised her together.  Selena slept with me until she was 16 and 17 and even after that we always were happy to cozy up together and watch a good show on TV.  I miss her so.  GOD DAMN the treatment Industry in America.  It is big business and they do not care.  They have not so much as contacted me to tell me sorry, sent me a card, sent me her clothes.  They have done nothing.  I sent her to California —it was 50K but her insurance covered the whole thing including the plane ticket.  GOD DAMN IT……I sent her off to die.  I know that the world does not know how to treat drug users.  Treatment professional lost en it comes down to it.  I don’t trust them to help me…I don’t know why in the hell I fell into the belief that they could help her.  They have put these bull shit programs together and they charge an arm and a leg for people to go to them, and they are completely unsuccessful.

I sent her because I felt like she needed to slow down and take a look at her use.  I sent her to a nice place because I did not want it to feel like a punishment.  I tried so hard …. All this place had to do was keep her safe from herself and take care of her for 30 days. That is all.  It does not require that much.  But they could not even do that.    


Everything I know about being a drug user and all my experiences have convinced me that the American Treatment Machine is far more dangerous and deadly than any drug you can buy on the streets of the US.

If you are a treatment professional and you don’t teach overdose prevention and you don’t distribute naloxone to every single one of your opiate involved clients then you are irresponsible and should not be allowed to operate in the US or anywhere for that matter.  Join me in my fight to make Naloxone Mandatory at all correctional facilities and Rehabs.  (Just in case you are not aware, when people go to rehab or jail and they stop doing opiates their tolerance changes and they are 12x more likely to overdose and die.  If we don’t explain this phenomena to people and give them tools to protect theirselves we are complicit.

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