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International Family Day

#SeeThePersonNotTheDrug      –   February 24, 2017

Urban Survivor’s Union is excited and proud to be partnering with organizations across the globe for International Family Drug Support Day on February 24, 2017.

Tony Trimingham is the founder of Australia’s Family Drug Support Organization.  February 24, 2016 (the anniversary of Damien Trimingham’s death due to a drug overdose).

National Family Drug Support Day

The 1st National Family Drug Support Day was held on February 24, 2016 coinciding with the anniversary of the passing of Damien Trimingham–the son of Tony Trimingham, founder of Australia’s Family Drug Support organization–from a drug-related overdose. National Family Drug Support Day was to be an annual event to highlight the need for families impacted by substance us to not only be recognized and heard but to be supported and encouraged to speak about their concerns and their needs.

In honor of the 20th anniversary of Family Drug Support, founder Tony Trimingham and FSDP Co-founders Barry Lessin and Carol Katz Beyer are joined by our friends and advocates standing in solidarity with Family Drug Support to raise awareness for the voice of the family to be heard around the world to be represented in the inaugural International Family Drug Support Day.

This year’s theme is #SeeThePersonNotTheDrug

The day is an annual event to highlight the need for families to not only be recognized and heard but to be supported and encouraged to speak about their concerns and their needs. The reality for many families is that there are limited programs and services available and many policies adversely affect families, all too often under a cloud of stigma and shame.

The objectives of the International Day are to:

  1. Reduce stigma and discrimination for families and drug users

  2. Promote family drug support services for families and friends

  3. Promote harm reduction strategies for families and friends

In addition, the following issues will be highlighted:

  1. The important role of FDS and FSDP volunteers in providing family support across Australia, the United States and the world.

  2. Reducing fatal and non­fatal overdoses from drugs including pharmaceuticals.

  3. Promoting the widespread availability of naloxone.

  4. Promote greater inclusion of family members in the decision making process for families experiencing problematic drug use.

  5. Promoting greater support and resources for treatment services.

Families for Sensible Drug Policy has provided some Action Steps that you can take to begin supporting Family Support Day.  

  1. Give a donation to help with the pamphlets, posters and badges being produced for the Day.

  2. Share a photo and a story of 200 words or less of describing your loved one and we will post it on our Family Wall. Your message can be a remembrance of a loved one who has passed, a tribute to a family member’s recovery or a message of encouragement with helpful coping skills to maintain a healthy family relationship. Email us with your photos and stories and any questions you have to or

  3. Be an ambassador for change in your neighborhood by raising awareness within your community! Request to meet with your local schools, doctors, political representatives, law enforcement and clergy and we will provide you with a tool kit and promotional materials to support you in your advocacy. Talking points for communicating with the public are here.

  4. Write or call your local state and federal legislators. To locate your US representative click here. Talking points for communicating with the legislators are here.

  5. Invite friends, family or coworkers to share an informal gathering over food or coffee to share discussion and voice the issues.

  6. Promote the Day on social media: #SeeThePersonNotTheDrug.

We welcome and encourage creative possibilities and opportunities to help you promote/plan your special event: town hall meetings, symposiums, themed collaborations with stakeholders and friends…contact us and let’s talk!

Please email us with your plans and ideas: or

We look forward to make this event most memorable–with your help and support our loved ones will be free of shame and stigma and seen for who they are!

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