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Genocide in the Philippines – Duterte’s Bloody Drug War

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I have watched as more and more people die and watched as people call this murder- A Drug War???.  Last I looked it was around 8000 people.  People like myself.  People the world considers “no account”.  Drug users are being murdered in the Philippines  for using and selling drugs while Duterte himself admits to abusing pain pills.  Is it not always this way???–the person who hates the behavior the most —engages in it?  Shame is a crazy thing! I am devastated by the lack of action on the part of the US.  Trump not only does not seem to be doing anything to stop these gross human rights abuses, he at one point praised Duterte for his handling of the drug war…..Appalling!  The two men (Trump and Duterte) are compared to one another because of their hate filled language and loud – common – behavior.

Human Rights Watch has called on the UN to urgently create an independent, international investigation into the killings to determine responsibility, and ensure mechanisms for accountability.  Duterte has basically created an avenue to basically kill anyone at anytime and has given the police the kind of power you don’t want any gun toting group to have.  All you have to do is plant drugs beside the person and you have a license to kill.  Duterte is responsible for the brutal deaths of thousands of his own citizens.

He  has made very clear to the world he will do what he wants.  He warned drug dealers: “My order is shoot to kill you. I don’t care about human rights, you better believe me.” He praised the soaring body count of victims of police killings as proof of the “success” of his “war on drugs.”

How have we come to a place where the entire nation is not demanding an end to this massacre.  There is no question that his repeated calls for killings as part of his anti-drug campaign should constitute acts instigating law enforcement to commit murder. His statements encouraging the general population to commit vigilante violence against suspected drug users should be criminal incitement as well.  He should be held accountable and  yet the world sits and allows more and more people to be murdered.  A complete and blatant disregard for the sanctity of  life. What more must happened. How many more must die.  Only when this is an old story in a history book will this be called what it is —-GENOCIDE!   I guess because poor drug users are dying no need to get all up in arms.  HUMAN RIGHTS should mean something, and human life either matters or it does not.

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