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House Bill 918 made a surprise appearance in the Rules Committee yesterday and will be up for a vote this Monday June 22. In addition to sharing our letter of opposition (296 signatures strong!) with senators, we’re asking folks to contact their Senators individually and signal boost as much as possible!

Here is a link to, a free texting service that will help you find your county’s reps and draft an email or make a call to them. It’s super fast and user friendly, so if you have a single spare minute this morning, ask your county’s senate (upper chamber) rep to vote no today! Messages to Senators can be as short or as long as you’d like- here’s a sample template we have and some examples of talking points about the bill if you’re interested. If you’d prefer, here is a spreadsheet of Senate Dem’s emails and a list of their Twitter handles.

The more attention we can get on this the better!

Here are some additional Resources

1) NCSU’s handout about the bill (Google DOCX, .PDF)

2) “Don’t Judge Pregnant Women Based on Junk Science” from National Advocates for Pregnant Women

3) Facts opioids, NAS, and pregnancy, also from NAPW

4) A New York Times video debunking the crack baby myth

Please download these graphics which can be used to share on social media as well as the PDF outlining the points of opposition

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