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Condoms as evidence for prostitution!

Condoms as evidence for prostitution. This is a public health nightmare as well as a human rights cluster fuck!  For real!

 How in the world in 2015 could anyone think it was a good idea to essentially criminalize condoms?  So what do I mean when I say “condoms as evidence for prostitution”?  In a study of 200 sex workers conducted by Human Rights Watch they found that cops stopped, searched and arrested people using condoms as evidence of prostitution related charges.    Do we not live in a culture where HIV and HIV prevention should be more important than arresting sex workers? Condoms are considered evidence of prostitution in some jurisdictions either by law or in practice.” In 2012 Human Rights Watch released a report exposing San Francisco, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, and NY for criminalizing Condoms. Police are charged with enforcing these laws and herein lies the problem. Just like drug laws, sex laws create an environment where police policies and public health imperatives are in conflict. Human Rights Watch got involved with this conflict and In 2013, New York, San Francisco, and Washington, DC, reformed laws that established possession of more than three condoms as evidence of prostitution.

This will take you to no condoms as evidence organization and outline some legislative changes re: CONDOMS AS EVIDENCE

Opponents of the law stated that criminalizing condoms is bad public health policy because it discouraged people from carrying and using condoms. Despite the law’s reform, police still threaten to use condoms as evidence when arresting someone they perceive as a sex worker in an attempt to get them to admit guilt. (T&”  We really need to take a look at this as a society.  What is more important…protecting ourselves from HIV or protecting society from sex workers???  COME ON!

This brings me to my real point: ” The criminalization of voluntary, consensual sexual relations among adults flies in the face of internationally recognized human rights!.

Right now there is a huge push to stop human trafficking. And believe me, kidnapping people and forcing them to work in the sex industry is evil and wrong.—– But using condoms as evidence of trafficking just puts the victims at further risk.  This is not good public health.  This is not good human health.  Read more Do more.  GET involved.

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