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I remember being terrified the first time I ever had a urinary tract infection and horror at my first yeast infection. My vagina was mostly a mystery with all sorts of surprises (big and small) that came up over the years.  I can say from experience this is not a formula for stellar vaginal health.  Sexual health is one of those topics that too often gets ignored and women and men both are left to figure their bodies out on their own.  This is not the attitude about sexual health that we, as a society should be going for.  It is 2015 not 1950.  If we are to have a health society it is essential that we have organizations who’s purpose is to ensure that everyone has access to good reproductive health services.

I do not understand the fierce hatred of planned parenthood that we see on a day to day basis.  Planned parenthood has held my hand through many difficulties .  Sexual problems, infections, and abnormalities are not easy to talk about or deal with for that matter.  I did not have a mother that helped me understand anything but Planned Parenthood has been there to fill in the blanks.  I have turned to planned parenthood more than once and always been satisfied with the treatment I received.  I trusted my daughter to their care when it came time for to discover her sexuality.

Why do republicans hate the idea of low income women having access to birth control and women’s health????  Why are republicans putting on this huge show about defunding an organization that provides millions of women reproductive information, choices and healthcare.  WTF, am I living in some sort of parallel universe…..????  Why in the hell would people be demanding a government shutdown if Planned Parenthood is not de-funded.  Surely there is something awful we can all get angry about besides WOMEN’S HEALTH?????  I JUST DON’T UNDERFUCKING STAND!!!  The right wing lunatics are crying that there is a war on faith in America.  I am not sure what to think right now….we have lunatics trying to run for president and huge segments of our population following them.  I am embarrassed to be an American….if this is what Americans are about!

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