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BEWARE OF LACED CANDY! A little Halloween drug war propaganda!

I don’t believe there has ever been 1 reported case of drugged candy given to the sweet little children on Halloween.  I think this is just another case of reefer madness.

I have copied a little taste of hysteria for your reading pleasure:

, drug dealers would go out of business. Because they need there to be a demand for the illegal drugs they produce and traffic, dealers are continually looking to attract more “customers” — to get more people “hooked on their junk.”

Without drug users

“And among drug dealers there are no qualms about target-marketing kids,” says COMBAT Assistant Director of Operations Vince Ortega, a 30-year veteran of the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department. “They’re trying to create the next generation of addicts — their new customers — by creating ‘products’ made to appeal specifically to children.”

Here are just three examples: Ecstasy pills shaped like cartoon characters, methamphetamine packaged like candy and marijuana-laced treats.

Ecstasy pills made to look like children’s chewable vitamins

Ecstasy ‘Cartoon’ Pills

Law enforcement officials across the nation are more and more frequently seizing Ecstasy pills obviously intended to grab a child’s attention. The pills strongly resemble children’s chewable vitamins. They come in various shapes, bright colors and often depict popular cartoon characters, such as Homer or Bart Simpson and the Smurfs.

“The goal is pretty obvious: to entice a kid to try the drug, thinking it’s something harmless, even something fun,” says Ortega, a former supervisor of the KCPD Drug Enforcement Unit.


Maybe my experience with drugs and drug dealers is different than the average American drug user but I don’t think so.

My dealers have pretty consistently been terrible at sales and would be broke if they were not selling a product that absolutely sells itself.  No marketing campaigns, no coupons, no nothing. Certainly no concept of time or timeliness!  The truth of the matter is this.  Most people go out looking for dealers….riding through rough parts of town in search of the promise of a good high!  NEVER once have I seen a dealer enticing young people into using drugs.    Just a hunch but cartoon cut outs on E pills are most likely sort of like stamps on bags….just a way to let you know a little more about what you are buying.

I’ve dabbled in the drug game enough to know one thing, I have never heard anyone planning for the next generation of drug users…. (most dealers, at least dealers that would be selling to small children,) their careers are pretty short lived certainly not long enough to do any planning for the next generation!

A little history repeat:  Lets make people who buy and sell drugs look like they are completely evil and out of their minds!    You know like black men who do cocaine turn in to super fiends who run around and rape white women or Chinese people with their heroin luring white girls into their opium dens…..sound familiar?  The beginning of the drug war??  1914 Harrison Act?

Just a thought…..Drug users are often good, tax paying, hard working responsible people!  You only hear about the ones who are not doing so well….the rest, well you would never know by looking at them, or examining their behavior….its just something they do …. sorta like a glass of wine at dinner.

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