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America Hates Drug Users

I was listening to “THE VOICE” while I was doing some work today and I could hardly stand it.  I had to turn the TV off.  What I was hearing was a bunch of people talking about how Charlie Sheen deserves HIV and he is no victim.  They talked all this shit and then turned around and said, now there is no shame in having HIV.  WTF AMERICA.  Why do we believe that some people deserve disease and others don’t.  This is a prime example that nothing has changed in America.  HIV is stigmatized, Drug use is stigmatized.  AND WE HATE people who are struggling with any of it.  They are weak, they deserve terrible things, they don’t love their children, they are selfish liars…..Where do these narratives come from?

Why do we feel so positioned to judge.  I feel sad for all the pain that he is living with.  I feel sad for America.  I feel sad that things are no better now than they were in 1980

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